6538 E Evening Star Drive

Kamas, UT

Fall 2023

Lot size: 4.25 Acres

Floor area: 8650 sq. ft.

Project scope: New Construction

This single family residence, Juniper Hill, is approx. 8,650 sq ft. and is located on a serene 4.25 acre parcel located at Victory Ranch just outside Kamas near Park City, Utah. The project was inspired by the rocky outcropping, Rock Cliff, which is the centerpiece of the enormous panoramic view from the property’s promontory, high above the middle Provo River which snakes through this picturesque valley. There are six distinct boxes, four of which are steel clad and form the “outcropping” along the view line and make up the majority of living spaces of this ranch style home. The remaining two boxes return back into the landscape, the rooftops planted with native sagebrush among other species to blur the intersection of the natural and the constructed features. This strategy was essential, as the family plans to make regular sojourns up the hill to the lone Juniper tree and Aspen grove so that they may enjoy the views. From this vantage point, they would be looking over the house, so the outcropping of steel boxes would be the standout architectural feature in the foreground. The home features a music performance stage which doubles as a library space within the context of the larger living room, kitchen and dining areas. The materials and juxtaposition of the boxes were inspired by the artists Donald Judd and Richard Serra who’s works both exhibit tremendous strength of form and scale in their respective contexts.