Desert Island Hotel and Golf Resort

Rancho Mirage, CA

Spring 2024

The architecture of the Desert Island Resort Hotel and Residences will be world-class and will honor the celebrated grace and beauty of mid-century modern design and the architectural heritage of the Coachella Valley desert communities.

The hotel and project architecture will incorporate simple, lightweight steel frame structures which will be organized in an elegant, linear fashion to support a broad metal clad gable roof. The minimalistic silhouettes of the buildings contrast the rugged outline of the Santa Rosa Mountain Range beyond and offer an abundance of shade under which the various components of the resort will nestle quietly and modestly amid the desert landscaping. The environmentally forward architecture supports passive heating and cooling strategies which minimize energy consumption and reduce life-cycle and maintenance costs. This future-minded design will undoubtedly make the Desert Island Resort Hotel and Residences an immediate architectural landmark in the community.

The hotel and project architecture will incorporate natural materials and textures such as wood and stone, concrete, gravel and crushed granite, and painted metal panels and structural steel using a warm palette of earth-tone colors. Characteristic features will be set against the lush landscape design, creating an atmosphere of earth friendly luxury and privacy for guests. Large expanses of glass doors will maximize the natural light exposure and will create both visual and physical connections with the outdoors. There will be unparalleled views of the surrounding property and mountains from every room. The over-arching roof structures of all the buildings double as shade elements, extending the outdoor living spaces and protecting guests and the building interiors from the hot desert sun.