Paseo De La Playa

Redondo Beach, CA


Lot Size: 7380 sq. ft.

Floor Area: (including garage): 3900 sq. ft.

Project scope: New Construction

The design concept for this single family residence in Redondo Beach was derived from the need to achieve three different objectives. The first was to change the program of the existing house so that common areas such as the kitchen, dining room and living room were located on the second floor to take advantage of the expansive coastline and basin views. The second was to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces on the ground floor, and the third was to reduce the bulk of the home as it relates to the site and the surrounding homes in the neighborhood. The result is a “U” shaped plan which features an entry court that expands to the interior entry/recreation room and continues through to the exterior of the backyard. The linear connection of these spaces provides a separation between the master suite and guest bedroom and the children’s rooms and laundry room on the ground floor. On the second floor, the living room bridges the entry/recreation room below and opens to a south facing roof deck and garden. The kitchen and dining room are located in the north wing of the second floor and cantilever to capture the view. The home features a variety of alternative energy systems and eco-friendly finishes, as well as, passive strategies for heating and cooling.